Like many of you, my working life has changed dramatically over the past few months.

If I have been off the radar somewhat, it is because I took the decision to take a step back while charities and clients were in the thick of all the decisions and changes that needed to be made. I have missed the face to face working (and chats over coffee of course) . Hopefully I’ll be able to work through my list of postponed catch ups before too long, but I am pleasantly surprised at how we have all adapted to video calls and meetings.

A few months before Covid became a reality, I wrote a blog about Managed Constructive Disruption – how we need to see disruption as something positive and to use it as an effective tool for change, an opportunity rather than  a threat.  To someone who has been made redundant recently that’s a hard message, but I believe charities can come out of this stronger and more effective.

If you are looking for support in the coming months  – strategy, recruitment, governance, mentoring – do get in touch.